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Questions and Answers about Siteboost

Siteboost is a website performance monitoring tool.
  • Website performance monitoring is the process of measuring and testing how a website, web application, or other web-based service responds during end-user interactions, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that each service is performing as expected.
  • Performance is at the starting point for the success of any application. With users relying on web applications to meet their daily needs, a company´s success today is directly proportional to the performance of its applications. Therefore, application performance monitoring (APM) is critical for any business to deliver and maintain a premium user experience.
  • Monitoring website performance can help users ensure that their organization´s web services are fast and effective for end users by identifying problems, ideally before they affect performance.
3 different price packages
  • Free version: 1 URL Monitoring, Unlimited manually tests
  • Plan S: 10 URLs Monitoring, unlimited manually tests - 19,98 €
  • Plan M: 20 URLs Monitoring, unlimited manually tests - 29,98 €
  • Plan L: 50 URLs Monitoring, unlimited manually tests - 49,98 €
  • Enter your monitoring URL
  • Thoughts and discussions about test conditions and criteria are a thing of the past. We have worked out the perfect setup for you, are based on Google specifications and guarantee you a comparability even over longer periods of time.
  • Our measurement conditions are designed in such a way that they can be perfectly analyzed.
  • Set the test frequency to "Automatic" and your monitoring is done
  • Also suitable for comparisons with your competition
  • Cheaper than other performance monitoring tools
  • Especially for marketers, because there is less IT/technical information
  • Marketers can work directly with the given data
  • There are test historie and time lines
  • There is a chart
  • You can choose between manual and automatic tests
  • Opportunity to compare your own website directly with counterparties
Administrators who monitor website performance must be able to effectively collect data about websites and web-based services to ensure that the website and services are meeting the specified speed, uptime, and reliability levels. For this reason, when choosing a website performance monitoring solution, it is critical to choose a solution that offers the following features:
  • Synthetic performance monitoring: Website monitoring to run website speed tests without user interaction to detect sudden changes in response time instantly.
  • Monitoring the loading time: The loading time from the first byte to the full page, site requests from different locations, as well as broken links, user journey metrics and the database performance.
  • Transaction recorder: Insight into the current performance of websites and web services, but also how their performance has changed over time.
  • Performance reports: Reports not only provide detailed insight into the current performance of websites and web services, but also how their performance has changed over time, which may indicate major infrastructure problems.
  • Cross-stack visibility: Insight into the relationship between transactions and websites and their corresponding assets.
  • Real-time alerting: Notification service that send notifications to administrators and webmasters when monitoring detects errors or when performance metrics reach certain critical thresholds.

How does siteboost works?


Choose at Device between Desktop or Mobile

Choose at Type of test between Manual or Automatically



In the chart you can see how your website performs

You can analysis websites of your competitors and compare their performance to yours

With siteboost you can have a longterm monitoring


You have a test history - so if you see a problem in the chart you can go back to the date and fix the problem



Identification of the problem areas

Identification of the performance trends

Identification of the decline in performance

Recording of occasional performance highlights

Statement of the founders


Who are we ?

We are an association of technical SEO experts, are passionate about this topic and always try to implement it as well as possible for our customers. What if we don´t have the perfect tool? Then we´ll just build it ourselves. That´s how the idea for Siteboost came about.In our day-to-day consulting work, we deal with many different stakeholders. Marketer, UX, CRO, SEO, Developer and Management.

We noticed that this colorful bouquet of flowers has two things in common:

  • Everyone is interested in good performance and loading time.
  • They lack common ground

Developerslike to test with the greatest possible level of detail and usually use completely different tools than the management, which briefly chases the homepage of the website through Pagespeed Insights. Different tools, different measurement criteria, clients, metrics and history ultimately lead to complete opacity. A state that is not ideal for anyone.We wanted to change that with Siteboost. A performance tool, understandable for management with a connected level of detail, which makes every developer´s heart beat faster and makes performance enthusiasts happy. A permanent history based on the same measurement criteria and circumstances.

How did we get the idea to build our own tool ?

Marketers, UX and CRO managers help to deal more with website loading times in a tool that is as easy to use as possible


Advising customers in all tech. SEO topics

What is particularly important to us about our tool?

Making the Internet a little better with faster websites.

Why is our tool better than other tools?

It enables loading times monitoring and analysis without technical know-how